Stay Motivated

Imagine this... you have an entire list of tasks and goals you want to accomplish but you're struggling to find the energy to motivate yourself to complete them. The solution might be simpler than you think - get moving! 

  • Exercise is like a shot of inspiration that makes you feel good about achieving goals. 

  •  Each time you exercise, you witness your own progress, and that sense of achievement spills over to other areas of your life. 

  • Those once dreadful tasks will start to feel like fun challenges that will motivate you to continuously achieve your goals.

Don't know how to stay active with a sedentary lifestyle?

Check out these tips below!

Ways to Live Productively:

  • Midday walks during lunch break can help the mind to focus on afternoon's work

  • Stand during meetings

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator

  • Walk to talk with a co-worker in person rather than using the phone or electronic messaging

  • Use standing or adjustable height desks to avoid sitting while on the phone or at the computer

  • Exercise at your desk, with squats or jumping jacks.

(AHAN, 2019)